Flash Drive Not Working Properly?

Unfortunately, sometimes Balena Etcher can leave flashdrives partitioned in a manner that Windows does not recognize. Fret not! It's an easy fix.

1. Open your Start Menu and type CMD to open Command Prompt

2. Type "diskpart.exe" (no quotes) and then press enter

3. Inside of Diskpart (new window should've opened) type "list disk" (again with no quotes)

4. Identify the disk that is your flashdrive. This is easily done by looking at the storage size and making sure it matches that of your USB Flash Drive.

5. Type "Select disk #" (no quotes) replacing # with the number of the disk from diskpart.exe

6. Type "Clean" (no quotes)

7. Type "create partition primary" (no quotes)

8. Type "Select Partition 1" (no quotes)

9. Type "Format Quick"

All done! Hope that fixed your drive and sorry for any inconvenience!

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