Ghost RSVP

A DIY RSVP page hosted on Ghost Blog using n8n & Google Sheets.

My most VALUABLE Automation - YT Short

Pairing a Flo by Moen with some Zigbee Aqara Leak

Roll-Up Impact Screen

Here's a bit more detail on the Roll-Up Impact Screen from my latest Youtube Channel

DIY Golf Simulator

💡This is still a work in progress! Improvements are encouraged

DIY Raised Garden Bed ~$150 & ~3 Hours

Recently built a second raised garden bed and recorded this one! It's pretty straight forward and a great way to get comfortable with power tools with simple, straight cuts. This is a great weekend project to grow some fresh veggies for yourself!

How to Install HomeAssistant OS Method 2 : Directly to Drive

Welcome to Chuck Builds! This guide will cover the second

How to Install Home Assistant on PC Method 1: Ubuntu & USB (Updated)

Welcome to Chuck Builds! In this guide, I'll

How to Install Home Assistant Operating System (Complete & Updated)

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Home Assistant on a PC Welcome

How to Install Home Assistant Operating System on a PC (Updated)

A refresh on my Home Assistant PC installation video! Now featuring call outs, tips, and lessons learned for a smoother setup. Prefer shorter tutorials? Check out shorter method-specific videos to get straight to the point!

How to Migrate Postgres on Unraid

I just upgraded my Immich container which now requires Postgres14 or later. I was previously using 13 for Immich and Divinci Resolve and I needed to migrate my databases. I didn't find it very intuitive and thought I'd record the process so that maybe it would help someone else out there.
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