All things HomeAssistant

My most VALUABLE Automation - YT Short

Pairing a Flo by Moen with some Zigbee Aqara Leak

How to Install HomeAssistant OS Method 2 : Directly to Drive

Welcome to Chuck Builds! This guide will cover the second

How to Install Home Assistant on PC Method 1: Ubuntu & USB (Updated)

Welcome to Chuck Builds! In this guide, I'll

How to Install Home Assistant Operating System (Complete & Updated)

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Home Assistant on a PC Welcome

How to Install Home Assistant Operating System on a PC (Updated)

A refresh on my Home Assistant PC installation video! Now featuring call outs, tips, and lessons learned for a smoother setup. Prefer shorter tutorials? Check out shorter method-specific videos to get straight to the point!

Why Home Assistant?

Why should you choose HomeAssistant? It's a big question that might not have the same answer for everyone. Check out my latest blog post where I share some of my notes and thoughts when first compiling my HomeAssistant Youtube Series

DIY Alarm System in Home Assistant

I will be including the Videos that are a part

Smart Mini-Split Dongle

I recently installed the cheapest 110v minisplit / heat pump I

HomeAssistant OS, First Boot and General Walkthrough

Now that you've (Hopefully) installed HomeAssistant, you might

How to Install HomeAssistant on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SSD (and Argon One Case)

This is the written companion to my Youtube video on
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