Smart Mini-Split Dongle

Smart Mini-Split Dongle
The MiniSplit Unit I installed

I recently installed the cheapest 110v minisplit / heat pump I could find on Amazon. It works great but the remote leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks to I was able to install an ESP-32 based controller to connect my mini split to Home Assistant for cheap! Cheaper than if I were to try and make it myself! This wifi enabled mini split reports the temperature in the room and lets me toggle additional modes, better and cheaper than most IR based alternatives on the market! had great customer service and I would not hesitate to order from them again.

The Dongle should work with Senville, Midea, Neoclima, Idea, Electrolux, Beko, Maxicool, Mr.Cool, Pioneer, Remko, Mitsui, Pitsos, and Comfee Mini-Split Heat Pump Type Air conditioners.

The USB port on my Senville Mini-split had these security notches in the plug. I used a utility knife to cut the tabs off and it works great!

FYI - I've seen some folks that claim to have been able to brute force the USB dongle to connect without cutting the tabs. Try at your own risk!

I cut the tabs shown on the above photo with a utility knife similar to the one linked below.

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Dongle Link:

Slim Utility Knife from Amazon:

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